The Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems – The iPBX

Ian Marlow HeadshotBy Ian M. Marlow
March 26, 2014

Virtual phone systems (Internet-based Private Branch eXchange or iPBX are becoming the economical choice of small and large businesses alike. These Internet phone systems use voice over internet protocol (VoIP) that offers great portability, convenience, rich features and cost efficiency for any company that has an internet connection. They allow companies to replace their old fixed-in-place systems with cloud-based technology that provides compelling benefits that build business and save money.

Set up is easy. All you need is an Internet connection and compatible phone handset or WiFi and Smartphone/App to launch your system. There’s no equipment to install or store. Move into a new location and be up and running more quickly once your Internet lines are installed.

You’re always connected, 24/7. You never have to worry about being out of touch with customers or staff—iPBX allows access to incoming calls anywhere in the world. Calls can be routed from the office to mobile phones or home offices, which allows for more flexible work schedules and greater productivity because there’s no downtime. The system’s follow-me features allows users to forward calls to any phone number (landline, mobile, IP) or a voicemail box, and prioritize rollover numbers (for example, office to mobile to home to voicemail).

Your staff can access the system via WiFi which allows them to use your business phone system from anywhere, and remote and telecommuting employees can turn their smart phone into an office extension and their home office into a virtual office.

Convenient, feature-rich virtual switchboard. A cloud-based auto attendant conveys a more professional, big-business image to your prospects and customers; this virtual switchboard also provides enhanced functions for business owners and employees that extend far beyond typical voicemail.

  • Automatic call queuing – reduces abandoned calls, improves customer service.
  • Four-digit dialing of extensions between all locations around the world.
  • E-fax capability.
  • Integrated conference bridges – no need for external conference call services.
  • On-hold music improves the customer’s experience; pre-recorded hold messages allow you to promote products and services.
  • Never miss a voicemail message – receive a cell phone text or an email when messages come in; voicemail can be read in email or listened to.
  • Transfer calls to users throughout your organization seamlessly.
  • Anyone on staff can be trained to screen calls or handle complete switchboard tasks through a user-friendly interface. Screen pop-ups provide caller ID information that makes screening calls easier as well.

Affordability. A virtual phone system can cut your telecommunications cost by as much as 50 percent over traditional PBX systems. It offers more features for less money and there’s no significant outlay of funds for system equipment or installation other than handsets and iPBX configuration. The expense of maintaining an on-site phone system is eliminated. And it’s quick and easy to update the system or add features from a web portal.

Greater flexibility and scalability. Cloud-based telephony is more scalable than traditional phone systems, and can handle multiple employees, work stations and locations. An iPBX system can grow as your business grows and can be easily and quickly scaled to your changing or seasonal needs. You can easily add users during busy seasons and scale back during slower business periods.

You may also add telephone numbers in different markets to provide a local presence without an actual physical office there. Your virtual switchboard routes the incoming calls to the appropriate employees or departments.

Adding numbers also allows you to monitor promotional or advertising campaigns with special phone numbers assigned to each campaign.

Business continuity tool. Virtual iPBXreduces the risk of system failure because there’s no local PBX equipment to break, no local telephone lines to go down.This allows companies to maintain business continuity following a natural disaster or other calamitous event. The web-based portal allows you to forward business calls from the office to mobile or remote IP phones.

Are you thinking of upgrading your company’s telephony system? Are you moving to a new location? If so, there’s no need to remain stuck in the last century’s technology. FITECH will assess your needs and recommend the virtual phone system that brings unparalleled features and efficiencies to your business.


6 thoughts on “The Benefits of Virtual Phone Systems – The iPBX

  1. m88

    Hi there, You have done a fantastic job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally recommend to my friends.
    I am confident they’ll be benefited from this website.

  2. Jackie Lang

    As person running my own business, a great affordable virtual phone system is extremely important to keep up with customer inquiries. What are some good options out there? I was personally looking into MightyCall considering that I handle customers over social media and they have the ability to handle social inquiries, phone and email.

    1. Ian M. Marlow Post author

      There are many great options out there for hosted iPBX. As a complete package, our company offers those services for clients that bundle their needs with their core IT services, such as network, email, virtual desktops, etc. On a standalone basis, there are good companies such as Verizon and Megapath that have products satisfying to customers. As you research each provider, you should consider the features that are important to you and base your choice on those features. This includes, email to voicemail, follow me features, conference call bridges, single number (don’t give out your cell), after hours coverage, virtual concierge, among others. There are even providers that will provide “live answer” as if you had your own assistant.

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  4. coltenk

    Just wanted to share that I use a virtual phone system from MightyCall for my small business. It’s super cheap, reliable, great customer support and the best part in my opinion is the fact they also have a free app you can use to check all of your customer inquires. Right from my phone! Doesn’t matter if it came from twitter, voicemail, facebook, email or whatever. It’s all right there in one place. Makes my life much easier.


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